Discord nere ikväll 7 Dec?

Discord nere ikväll 7 Dec?

Du är inte ensam om att ha problem att ansluta.


Update - Google's Engineering team continues to work on mitigating the issue, and have posted the following update:

> Mitigation work is currently underway by our engineering team.
> We do not have an ETA for mitigation at this point.

We have all hands on deck awaiting the resolution of this issue to begin restoring service.
Dec 7, 11:58 PST

Update - We continue to observe elevated IO latency. Google has finally gotten to updating their status page. We continue to await resolution.

Dec 7, 11:35 PST

Update - Google is currently investigating an issue with SSD Persistent Disk in our region (what our database clusters store their data on). We are awaiting their resolution.

Given the IO starvation, we are expecting continued API latency - as most if not all of our datastores are currently degraded. We will post updates as we get them.
Dec 7, 10:54 PST

Identified - Multiple engineers are online, investigating the issue. We are noticing anomalously high iowait across most of our database clusters all other instances leading us to believe that this is a google cloud issue. We are working on a mitigation, however latency is expected to be high as we are currently starved for IO resources.
Dec 7, 10:37 PST

Investigating - We're experiencing an elevated level of API errors and are currently looking into the issue.
Dec 7, 10:22 PST

Det verkar som att Discord har problem med Googles server, enligt twitter så jobbar de på saken. Håll ett öga på nedan länk.



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Verkar rulla hyfsat nu igen! Saknar en hög meddelanden, men kan lika gärna vara ledsen klient.

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Det är väldigt till och från med discord ikväll.
Spelar med brorsan å vi har båda problem

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Nu ska det vara löst enligt https://status.discordapp.com/ - GLHF